CAPPS Shoe Company honors employees of 20 or more years of service July 03 2014

CAPPS SHOE COMPANY, Gretna, Virginia, hosted a luncheon today at C & E Family Restaurant to honor employees with over twenty years of service, noting particularly the service of Mrs. Mary Moore, who was recently forced to retire due to illness. Mary will be missed greatly.

Tom Capps, President, and Tim Huffman, Director of Manufacturing, both emphasized that pride in workmanship, loyalty, and the experience of our dedicated employees, has been the primary contributor to the success of Capps Shoe Company.  When Capps acquired the factory in 1997 he was able to re-instate many of the former Craddock Terry employees, many of whom are still with the Company. The approximately 50 employees honored at the luncheon, of the 175 total, represent over 1500 years of shoe making experience, an impressive number in any type of business.

Capps Shoe Company manufactures uniform dress shoes for the U.S. Department of Defense for both men and women, and for all branches of the military. This year, Capps presence as an internet retailer in both uniform and civilian shoes has been growing rapidly. Dress and casual footwear in over 100 sizes and widths for both men and women may be purchased at or at the Company’s outlet store at 300 Monticello Ave in Lynchburg.

Listed by years of service and not as pictured are those honored today:

20 Years
Sonya Hubbard

21 Years
Martha Hunt

22 Years
James Dodson
Jimmy Owen
Sheila Witcher
Chelene Anderson
Betty Bravo
John Motley Jr
Eva Hammack

23 Years
Donnell Hunt
Trudy Hedrick
Judy Edwards

25 Years
David Hunt
Sharon Moore

29 Years
David Fitzgerald
Ethel Dodson

30 Years
Peggy Cook

31 Years
Gracie Tanks
Betty Taylor

32 Years
Martha Ford

33 Years
Jeanette Davis
Gloria Davis
John Glover
Barry Carroll
Kim Hall
Carol Carter

34 Years
Vivian Hubbard

35 Years
Wanda Cook
Benjamin Farmer

37 Years
Luella Anderson
Hazel Tuck
Tom Capps

39 Years
Pauline Leonard
Ervin Waller

41 Years
Octavia Oakes
Brenda Motley

42 Years
Gloria Godfrey
Edith Calloway
Betty Towler
Sallie Haskins
Virginia Belcher

43 Years
Nancy Jordan

44 Years
Ira Polk Jr

50 Years
Hilton Maddox
Mary Moore